Becoming a Committer

Applying for Committer Status

  1. Print, fill out and sign the Zope Committer Agreement (Leave the username field empty - an new username will be assigned by the committer committee)

  2. Submit the agreement to the Zope Foundation. This can be done by either email ( or fax or post (in order from fastest to slowest).

    The contact details can be found on the Zope Foundation website.

  3. Wait for an acknowledgement. If you don’t get this in a reasonable amount of time, then ask back on the Zope Foundation list ( or try to contact a member of the repository committee (Andreas Jung and Christian Theune).

  4. Deposit your SSH public key(s) as described in Depositing your SSH public key(s)

  1. Get a writeable checkout.

Depositing your SSH public key(s)

Your SSH public key(s) must be uploaded using the application at:

When you go to that url, you’ll get a basic auth login prompt. Use your login and password. If you never had an account, you got your account information when you registered as a committer. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here:

Your keys can use RSA or DSA, ssh v1 or v2. If the file being uploaded contains more than one public key, it should be formatted as if it were an authorized_keys file.

You can revisit the key deposit page any time to put in new keys. Make sure you submit all keys that you wish to have work in any file that you upload as your previous upload will be overwritten.

Subscribe to the Mailing Lists

Please subscribe to the Zope Mailing Lists which correspond to your area(s) of interest.

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