Procedure for accepting new committer applicationsΒΆ


This document defines the procedure for accepting new SVN committer applications handled by the Zope Foundation committer committee (Christian Theune, Andreas Jung).

  1. Check application form

    • Check readability of the scanned application form
    • If applicant and reference committer are (well)-known, proceed with procedure. Otherwise ask the reference committer about the applicant. Note that the reference committer must be an active committer.
  2. Choose a new username for the new committer (full firstname + lastname of the committer separated with dots) e.g.:

    • andreas.jung
    • christian.theune

    Accented or special characters should be replaced with their ASCII representation.

  3. Create a new account through the user management site . The new committer will receive an email automatically upon registration containing a password reset link giving him/her the option to choose a new password. Reminder: use Domain: for login into the user management site.

  4. Create SVN account for new committer:

    $ ssh
    $ sudo /usr/sbin/newsvnuser <zopeorg-name> <Firstname> <...> <Lastname>
  5. Send notification mail to:


    Subject: Your SVN account was approved
    Dear <<<NAME>>>,
    on behalf of the Zope foundation I'm happy to tell you that your Zope
    Contributor Agreement was received and approved. <<<REFERENCE>>> was
    given as the reference committer.
    Using your new user account <<<USERACCOUNT >>>,
    you are now able to check in code into
    One last step, though: you need to deposit your SSH public key(s) as
    Best regards,