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This is internal documentation for Zope 2 developers having to create official Zope 2 releases

Zope 2.12+ release process


The following persons have access to the Zope2 package on PyPI (in order to release new versions):

  • Hanno Schlichting

Steps for creating a new Zope 2 release

  • check the versions.cfg file for outdated or updated packages and update version information where necessary

  • update version information:

    • versions.cfg
  • update docs/CHANGES.rst

  • run all tests:

  • tag the release

  • upload the tagged release to PyPI:

    python2.7 egg_info -RDb '' sdist --formats=zip register upload
  • check the visible releases on at (should default to showing the active branches):
  • update version information on

  • close the released milestone:
  • update the status of all bugs associated with the released milestone:
  • update launchpad. Create a new next milestone at:

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