This file contains change information for the current Zope release. Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found at

4.0a1 (unreleased)

Bugs Fixed

  • LP #1114688: Defend against minidom-based DoS in webdav. (Patch from Christian Heimes).
  • LP #978980: Protect views of ZPT source with ‘View Management Screens’ permision.
  • Make sure the generated classes for simple browser pages (SimpleViewClasses) have a str __name__. See LP #1129030.
  • In PageTemplate.pt_errors accept the check_macro_expansion argument. This is added for compatibility with zope.pagetemplate 4.0.0. The argument is ignored (LP #732972).
  • Ensure that the WSGIPublisher begins and ends an interaction at the request/response barrier. This is required for instance for the checkPermission call to function without an explicit interaction parameter.
  • Ensure that ObjectManager’s get and __getitem__ methods return only “items” (no attributes / methods from the class or from acquisition). Thanks to Richard Mitchell at Netsight for the report.
  • Removed HTML tags from exception text of Unauthorized exception because these tags get escaped since CVE-2010-1104 (see 2.13.12) got fixed.
  • Use in operator instead of deprecated has_key method (which is not implemented by OFS.ObjectManager). This fixes an issue with WebDAV requests for skin objects.
  • Avoid conflicting signal registrations when run under mod_wsgi. Allows the use of WSGIRestrictSignal Off (LP #681853).
  • Make it possible to use WSGI without repoze.who.
  • Fixed serious authentication vulnerability in stock configuration.
  • Fixed a regression in webdav support that broke external editor feature.
  • Restore ability to undo multiple transactions from the ZMI by using the undoMultiple API.
  • Made sure getConfiguration().default_zpublisher_encoding is set correctly.
  • Fix lock and pid file handling on Windows. On other platforms starting Zope tolerated existing or locked files, this now also works on Windows.

Features Added

  • Optimized the OFS.Traversable.getPhysicalPath method to avoid excessive amounts of method calls.
  • During startup open a connection to every configured database, to ensure all of them can indeed be accessed. This avoids surprises during runtime when traversal to some database mountpoint could fail as the underlying storage cannot be opened at all.
  • Explicitly close all databases on shutdown, which ensures Data.fs.index gets written to the file system.
  • Always configure a blob-dir in the default skeleton.
  • ZPublisher: If IBrowserPage is provided by a view, form input is decoded. This makes it easier to use zope.formlib and z3c.form in Zope 2.
  • Remove control panel object from the ZODB.
  • Updated to Zope Toolkit 1.2dev.
  • Updated distributions:
    • AccessControl = 3.0.5
    • Acquisition = 4.0
    • DateTime = 4.0
    • ExtensionClass = 4.0
    • docutils = 0.8.1
    • manuel = 1.5.0
    • Products.ZCatalog = 3.0


  • OFS: Removed duplicate code in ZopeFind and ZopeFindAndApply
  • Five: Removed obsolete metaclass.
  • Five: Refactored browser:view and browser:page directives. This makes their implementation more similar to that in zope.browserpage and adds allowed_interface support for the browser:view directive. By default the aq_* attributes are no longer available on those views/pages. If you still use them, you have to mix in Five’s BrowserView.
  • Removed the (very obsolete) thread lock around the cookie parsing code in; the python re module is thread-safe, unlike the ancient regex module that was once used here.
  • Removed the special handling of Set-Cookie headers in HTTPResponse.setHeader. Use the setCookie/appendCookie/expireCookie methods instead, or if low-level control is needed, use addHeader instead to get the exact same effect.
  • Removed the App.version_txt.getZopeVersion API, you can use pkg_resources.get_distribution('Zope2').version instead.
  • On the application object, removed PrincipiaTime in favor of ZopeTime and PrincipiaRedirect in favor of Redirect or ZopeRedirect.
  • Removed OFS.DefaultObservable - an early predecessor of zope.event.
  • Removed mime-types option from zope.conf. You can use the add_files API from zope.contenttype instead.
  • Removed OFS.ZDOM. OFS.SimpleItem.Item now implements getParentNode().
  • Removed the last remaining code to support SOFTWARE_HOME and ZOPE_HOME.
  • Removed ZMI controls for restarting the process, these no longer apply when managed as a WSGI application.
  • Removed bobobase_modification_time from Persistence.Persistent, you can use DateTime(object._p_mtime) instead.
  • Removed AccessRule and SiteRoot from Products.SiteAccess.
  • Removed Products.ZReST and the reStructuredText wrapper, you can use docutils directly to gain reST support.
  • Removed special code to create user folders and page templates while creating new OFS.Folder instances.
  • Removed persistent default code like the error_log and temp_folder.
  • Removed persistent default content, including the standard_error_message template.
  • Retired icons from the Zope Management Interface and various smaller cleanups of ZMI screens.
  • Removed the old help system, in favor of the current Sphinx documentation hosted at For backwards compatibility the registerHelp and registerHelpTitle methods are still available on the ProductContext used during the initialize function.
  • Removed various persistent product related code and options. The enable-product-installation zope.conf setting is now a no-op.
  • Changed the value for default-zpublisher-encoding and management_page_charset to utf-8.
  • Removed the enable-ms-author-via directive which was only required for very old web folder implementations from before 2007.
  • Changed zope.conf default settings for zserver-threads to 2 and python-check-interval to 1000.
  • Simplified instance skeleton, removing old Extensions, import, lib/python and Products from the default. You can continue to manually add these back.
  • Five.browser: Marked processInputs and setPageEncoding as deprecated. processInputs was replaced by the postProcessInputs request method and the charset negotiation done by setPageEncoding was never fully supported.
  • Dropped the direct dependencies on packages that have been factored out of the main Zope 2 tree. Make sure you declare a dependency in your own distribution if you still use one of these: Products.BTreeFolder2, Products.ExternalMethod, Products.MailHost, Products.MIMETools, Products.PythonScripts or Products.StandardCacheManagers.

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